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GRA Academy – Autocross 01

Date : 11 May 2024

Venue : MARDI, MAEPS Serdang

Early entries to late entries submission fees

01 April – 30 April

1 May – 10 May

Please proceed with the payment to the account details provided below and kindly email the payment receipt to

Bank Name: Maybank
Account Name: Jian Nin
Account Number: 112754172261

When making the payment, please ensure that you include the Driver’s Name in the Recipient’s Reference section.
IN CONSIDERATION OF Grass Racing Autosports, (hereinafter called GRA which expression shall include its servants, employee, agents, licensees, subcontractors, subsidiaries, associates, assignees or any other entity controlled by GRA) consenting to the hire and the use of its track services and facilities. I the person whose name, particulars and signature appears in this form (hereinafter called “The Driver”) which expression shall include my heirs, assigns and legal representative(s) agree to accept such hiring and use of GRA track, services and facilities upon the terms and conditions set herein and any other terms and conditions that GRA may form time to time impose. I hereby agree, acknowledge and confirm as follows:
1. ACKNOWLEDGE that GRA reserves the right to refuse entry at any time and the event that I am required to do so, I will do it promptly.
2. UNDERTAKES to indemnify and keep safe GRA against any and all claims, writs, summons, proceedings, judgment, orders, decrees, damages, costs, losses and expenses of any nature whatsoever which may result as a consequence of any acts/omissions by The Driver from the usage of the track, facilities and services accordingly.
3. AGREE that The Driver shall be solely responsible for any damage arising from bodily injury, death and/or claims for property damage, which may arise directly or indirectly out of the usage of the track, facilities or services by The Driver. The Driver shall defend and hold GRA harmless for any said damages.
4. AGREE to be liable and indemnify GRA for any injury, loss or any property, servants, employee, agents licensees, subcontractors, subsidiaries, associates, assignees or any other entity controlled by GRA DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY
5. AGREE to abide by all rules and regulations established by GRA on the usage of track, facilities, services and all other amendments or alterations thereto including all signs, posters, billboards and all written and verbal purpose deemed suitable by GRA.
6. AUTHORISE GRA and any other advertising or marketing agency on behalf of GRA to take, use or reproduce photographs and films of The Driver during the usage of the track, facilities or services for any purpose deemed suitable by GRA.
7. ACKNOWLEDGE that GRA shall only be responsible for the acts of its servants, employees, agents, licensees, subcontractors, associates, assignees or any other entity controlled by GRA on the management, control, supervision, directions and/or operations of the track, facilities and services and shall not be liable for any acts done without instructions/authorization from GRA.
8. REPRESENT and WARRANT to GRA that all details and particulars herein and/or given at any time to GRA are True and Correct.
9. ACKNOWLEDGE that GRA reserved the right to cancel / postpone the event without any prior notice.
10. ACKNOWLEDGE and AGREE to the terms outlined in the Personal Data Protection Notice concerning the collection, use, and processing of my Personal Data by GRA